Nutts Original®


Nutts Original®, an innovative product finally made available to you !

This hazelnut-based Belgian liqueur (35°) can be enjoyed with ice-cream, in a cocktail, as an aperitif or as dessert.

It will also go wonderfully with your recipes. Soon you will find yourself "lost" in your Nutts-based dishes.

At home, in restaurants, bars or discos, Nutts Original® is a blend of taste and strong character.

Don't wait to discover this new sensation !


Cocktails & Recipes


A variety of beverage combinations are available to you. Try the Moji-Nutts ® cocktail, it is rather in fashion !


Savoury and sweet recipes: chocolate mousse, sauces, tiramisu, crème brulée, etc.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination, which will soon be flowing with ideas.


This surprising and unique beverage will sweep you away, at the very first sip!

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